Furlenco’s $30 million raise shows furniture rental is working for Indian millennials

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 The idea of ownership in the American economy has changed so much in recent years that it’s easy to forget the once high level of importance placed on it. If we think back, most of us can remember at-least one conversation with our parents about Uber or Airbnb that resulted in a lecture about the dangers of using other people’s things. Ajith Mohan Karimpana, the founder and CEO… Read More

3 pillars of the most successful tech products

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 Why do some companies scale to millions of users while others wallow in obscurity? What explains the runaway success of a company like Facebook while a startup like Viddy, a mobile app for video, attracted millions of users and millions of dollars in financing, only to lose both? When it comes to startup success, there’s never a magic bullet. Read More

Notion raises $9.5M for a smarter email app, now live on mobile and soon, Alexa

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 A startup aiming to offer a better email experience by prioritizing the messages that are most important to you, Notion, is today publicly launching its service, which is available as a mobile app for iPhone and Android, and soon, a voice-activated skill for Alexa. The company is also today announcing $9.5 million in Series A funding. The round was co-led by Drive Capital and Accel, and… Read More

Moov locks down $12M Series B as it brings new wearables to market for real-time coaching

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 Motivation is hard to come by. If you’re lucky, you have friends that will go to the gym with you to keep you in line. If you’re wealthy, you can hire a personal trainer. But if your friends have long since given up and your bank account is screaming mercy, your options are few and far between. The entire premise behind Moov is that wearables can be used to provide real-time… Read More

Productboard raises $1.3 million to help product teams prioritize what to build next

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 Productboard, the makers of a product management system that helps to organize user research and prioritize development tasks, has raised $1.3 million in seed funding to further its business. The round was co-led by Index Ventures and Credo Ventures, and included participation from Spread Capital. The service only officially launched last month at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016, following its… Read More

HigherMe raises $1.5M to help businesses hire hourly workers

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 Hiring startup HigherMe is announcing that it has raised $1.5 million in seed funding. It’s also brought on some big names as customers, including Dunkin Donuts, Panera Bread — and most recently, fast food chain White Castle. Co-founder and CEO Rob Hunter (a past owner of multiple Marble Slab Creamery locations) has said that when employers hire hourly workers, location,… Read More

ShotTracker raises $5M in seed funding from Magic Johnson and David Stern to bring real-time analytics to NBA teams

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 ShotTracker, a company that got its start by launching a wearable sensor to track and analyze your basketball shots, has announced a $5M seed round that includes participation from basketball legend Magic Johnson and former NBA Commissioner David Stern. R/GA and Elysian Park Ventures, which manage the LA Dodgers’ sports accelerator also participated, as well as Greycroft Partners.… Read More

Tinder Boost, letting you pay to skip the line, goes live worldwide

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 Tinder Boost, the feature that lets users pay to have their profile shown first in the feed, has gone live worldwide as of today. The company started testing the feature in late September in Australia, and has finally decided to let it loose across Tinder’s global community. Tinder Boost lets users pay to have their profile bumped to the front of the feed for 30 minutes. While Tinder… Read More

Daily Cartoons: October 6, 2016

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5 Ways the US Can Enhance International Nuclear Nonproliferation

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The U.S. must work to reverse disconcerting nuclear weapons trends.

Mike Pence Finds Room to Agree With Tim Kaine in a Polarized Election

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In our polarized politics and divided election, Mike Pence managed a rare moment of agreement.

The US Can Make Prescription Drugs More Affordable

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Commonsense fixes to Medicare and FDA drug approval can lower the cost of lifesaving drugs.

Politicians Give Businesses Tax Breaks For Personal Gain, Not Job Growth

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Politicians give tax breaks to private business because it helps them win elections, not create jobs.

Income Tax History Is a Warning About Our Future Under Clinton's Estate Tax

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Don't assume that Hillary Clinton's estate tax plan would only affect the very wealthy.

With inflation 'likely firming', Fed's Kaplan expects slow but sure rate tightening

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U.S. inflation is "likely firming," making the case for "gradual and cautious" rate hikes, Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan said.

Elizabeth Warren goes after Trump on Twitter again

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Elizabeth Warren launched a new tweet-storm against Donald Trump, hours before the presidential debate, NBC News reports.

The important topics the candidates haven't talked about — yet

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The candidates haven't covered a lot of important topics in the first two presidential debates. Here's what's in store Wednesday night.

Airbnb touts policy proposals as new regulations loom

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Airbnb promoted a series of policy proposals that would address concerns raised by how the company operates.

Secret Trump support may exist, so Clinton can't take lead for granted: Ex-Obama advisor

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"People respond to pollsters with what they think the pollster wants to hear," says an ex-Obama campaign advisor.

Trump adviser: Fiduciary rule is like upholding slavery

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Known as the "fiduciary rule," the regulation fundamentally alters the role of financial advisors.

US election machine technology is out of date, experts say

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Donald Trump's recent claims about a "rigged" election shine a spotlight on the nation's voting infrastructure.

GEEK FIGHT: Classes for Jedis Run Afoul of LUCASFILM Empire...

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GEEK FIGHT: Classes for Jedis Run Afoul of LUCASFILM Empire...(Third column, 13th story, link)

The Video Defense About Her Emails Hillary Clinton Never Gave

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Emails released by Wikileaks reveal at the height of Hillary Clinton's email controversy, her top campaign aides drafted a video address to supporters that the candidate never delivered.

Treasury Tries Again To Keep American Firms' Taxes In U.S.

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The department has revised rules first issued in April, aimed at so-called tax inversions and earnings stripping. They involve companies moving their legal addresses and tax bills abroad.

Zika Virus Transmission Found In A Second Area Of Miami

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Florida health officials say they have identified five cases in which people appear to have contracted Zika through mosquitoes in an area that includes Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood.

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